As most local Los Angeles movers do, we charge an hourly rate for our services. Contrary to what many thing, elevators make a move slower. If you think about it, an elevator is slow. You have to wait for the door to open, load everything on, wait for it to close, wait for it to get to the right door, wait for the doors to open again and then wait to take everything off. That is a lot of wasted time.

The best way to make an elevator move more affordable is to make it more efficient. You can do that with some simple planning and a few tips from us. Plan your move for a weekday. Typically there are less people in the elevators, hallways and parking lot to get in your movers way and slow things down. Contact the building manager and ask if there is a loading dock or elevator that is to be used by the movers. If the movers need to go through a secured entrance, make arrangements for us to have access. Reserve the elevator. Sharing an elevator with other services or residents will really slow down your move.

Make sure you have the elevator key, this allows us to lock the doors open rather than needing someone to hold it open. Hire a 3 man crew. This makes things go faster because on can stay on the loading floor, one on the unloading floor and keep working while the third rides with the elevator and helps whoever needs it.

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Prompt, thorough and courteous communication keeps our customers informed every step of the way, reducing the stress that often accompanies a move.  We are responsive to estimate requests and bookings, address any building issues timely, and send you text message updates before, during and after the move.


We are familiar with every Bay area neighborhood and well-versed in building requirements. Whatever might go wrong on moving day - from broken elevators to street closures and inclement weather - we’ve been there and know how to manage it in a cost effective manner. 


We have integrated our moving processes to offer you a comprehensive experience.  From the moment of contact, you will be guided smoothly and carefully by our friendly administrative staff. Our competent movers have developed their skills over many years and take pride in their work. 


We are small enough to give personalized attention to each one.  Any issues that arise are addressed in a responsive and capable fashion.  No problem goes unsolved.