Purchasing moving insurance can be easy; in fact many insurance companies will go out of their way to tailor your insurance policy to your specific needs and price. In today’s world there are many factors to be wary of when insuring your valuables. Everything from loss, theft and damage to “Acts of God” and natural calamity can be covered as the reality of living shines a light on actual influences on your move. Still it need not be expensive if you know in what ways you can cut down your costs.

As said, some insurance companies allow you to tailor your plan to your needs. These provide the optimum experience as you do not end up paying for frivolous or unneeded insurance. Case in point; if you were in the American Midwest, a place prone to tornadoes, you would definitely want to check the natural calamities box but not the option for coverage under terrorist acts since most of these happen in congested areas and the “tornado belt” is sparsely populated. And in the case of your items being moved through the inner city area where major cities contain their depressed communities, of course you would be wise to want the coverage from theft, damage and loss but not from natural calamity. To date no tornadoes have ever struck the Bronx. Various options for coverage abound but this does not mean you must check every box to be insured. Especially since each additional box might rack up your insurance premiums to astronomical heights.

Some policies can be specific and would only cover certain items, thereby decreasing your cost. When moving, not everything needs insurance but your truly valuable items do.

Did you know many insurance policies cover only breakages or damage from the professional movers they are tied up with? It is one of the come-ons for you to choose their service as they provide a seemingly better package deal if you use their moving service. These are outfits designed to be protected from your claims since they can work closely to invalidate your claim. This is why you might want to shop for a third party insurance company, one that has no vested interest in long-term tie-ups with their pet moving service.

Insurance is available to you online at affordable prices. Of course it is better to buy from a reputable company than what might be a fly-by-night garage-done insurance startup. Ask any insurance agent and they can tell you many horror stories of uninsured losses in an attempt to coerce you to sign. Most times there is some truth to the tale but the moral is the same, you are better off buying insurance before subjecting your valuables to a move. Your items are largely unprotected during a move and it would be too late to wish you bought the coverage after you lost an irreplaceable treasure.

If you have a move coming up, you really should consider getting proper moving insurance. You have everything to retain by being smart and protecting yourself before relocating.


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