Itís a difficult job to move a refrigerator. However, with the right equipments, time and a little help, you can follow the right steps, and make it easier.

Step 1: Grab the needed equipments

Moving dolly
Rope or carrying straps
Packaging material
Packaging tape
Cleaning supplies
Adequate time

Step 2: Prepare the Refrigerator for Moving

Unplug your refrigerator at least a day before, so it will be ready for cleaning in 8-10 hours. Clean the inside of your refrigerator, remove the shelves and pack them separately. If you are going to keep them in and tape them inside, make sure the tape will leave no marks on the refrigerator. Fixate the doors with a thin rope to prevent them opening during the moving. Place the plug of the fridge inside to prevent distractions it may cause, making sure it doesnít scratch inside.
Package The Refrigerator To Make It Ready for the Moving
After fixating the doors, wrap the refrigerator with bubble pack folded double. Tape it from the upside, downside and middle. Now, itís ready to be moved

Step 3: Your refrigerator is ready to be moved.

Fridges weigh between 130 Ė 200 lb and they lack holding places which make it hard to move. We recommend carrying it with a moving dolly. If you have one, place it under the fridge, and fasten it to the moving dolly with a carrying rope wide. You can conveniently move it at a nearly upright position when one person helps from the dolly while the other helps from the behind. If there isnít one, you can carry out the moving with 2-3 persons holding from carrying slings tied from upside and downside with ties.
Be very careful when you carry the refrigerator down or up stairs; communicate, go slow, rest when you need.

Step 4: Several Important Warnings

Try to hold the refrigerator as straight as possible. Donít move sideways; this may cause permanent damages on cooling tubes.
Wait 2-3 hours before you rerun it. This will allow for the fluid flow back into its compressor. It is significant for the cooling mechanism. Read the manual before the moving, so you will be able to prevent potential problems by complying with safety tips and warnings.
Below image, which can be found in every refrigerator box describes how the moving should be carried out. It also describes moving types which should be avoided, with examples. Consider these warnings or you may have to buy a new refrigerator.

When should a newly bought refrigerator be plugged?

We bought a new refrigerator a few days ago. After they placed it and made ready for working, I asked if I can turn it on immediately.
It was moved in the upright position and stands here for 5 minutes. No problem, you can run it.
The carrying should be made upright; and a refrigerator that stood a while on one of its sides should not be run at once; you should wait for it for a while.


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